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Rotterdam Main Surround Organ modified for 3 AGO manuals with extensions and expressive Rugwerk

Several organ development and diagnostic tools made available

FREE Simple Screen enhancement developed for Krzeszow sample set

FREE Sound Effects "organ" added

Caen Extended Organ is re-compiled with wind model, improved voicing, and more features

FREE Walcker 2-manual organ added

Rotterdam Transept Surround Organ extended with more stops, exact wind model and voicing

FREE Piteň and Bureň organs now available with optional Surround Sound

Extended 37 stop version of Menesterol organ created (March 2013)

Velesovo Modern updated with visual expression indicators (April 2012)

Velesovo Organ expanded to 3-Manuals
Version 4 (April 25, 2011) adds HW4 refinements

Free Custom Cellphone ringtone :
Bach Jig Fugue (14 sec) played on the PSZ organ.

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