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Möller Organ
Digital Extension


Digital Organ Extension

Digital Extensions to Möller Opus 10263

1.0 Specific Design and Theory of Operation

1.1 Extended Organ Specification

1.2 Overall Concept

2.0 Component Descriptions

2.1 Keyboard Encoders

2.2 Filter Inverters

2.3 Console Control Box

2.4 Level Shifter Assembly

2.5 Audio Interlock Assembly

2.6 Temperature Compensated Tuning

2.7 Switch Delayed Filter

3.0 Sound System

3.1 Hauptwerk and Sound Production
3.2 Audio Channels
3.3 Amplification, Speaker Selection and Placement
3.4 Channel routing and Control Room Layout

4.0 Software

4.1 Hauptwerk Program Installation
4.2 Sample Set Programming
4.3 Sample Preparation and Voicing

Current Organ Manual

Current Organ Specification